Tablefor2 & Trump

Tablefor2 & Mark Sanchez

Hello everyone. Table For 2 is looking for a guitar player to replace our former partner. Previous player was with us for 5 years so we are what you would consider, a stable situation.

Table For 2 is an established acoustic act with set venues, and booking agent. The goal is to rehearse once a week on Mondays, and gig twice a month in the Central NJ area. This is a perfect situation for a established guitar player that can carry the sound of the duo, and that is tired of the "full band" drama.

Ideal candidate is mid 30's to ??? Has transportation and day job. No drugs. Drinks moderately and responsibly, learns songs, and comes prepared to rehearsals. Good gear is a must, we own the PA.
Would consider a keyboard player as well, and vocals are a bonus!

We are looking for a band member, and not a hired gun, we want someone that wants to join us, and not just show up at gigs, someone that will help bookings, help with song selections, and promotion.

For material, please take a look at our website, we play anything and everything but like to dabble in unusual (for a acoustic act) songs from Queensryche, Dio, Maiden, Queen, Who, Rush, etc.